Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Extra Credit, due Friday, Oct 12

This extra credit opportunity is worth up to 300 points, depending on how well you do on the assignment.

Last Friday, students wrote an essay explaining the changing hypotheses related to Kennewick Man. Then, on Monday, we created bubble maps outlining the key details for each hypothesis. For extra credit, students can use what they learned creating the bubble map to write new, and improved, essays.

Just like before, I am going to give you the first paragraph, and the main ideas for paragraphs 2, 3 and 4. Then, you will need to complete the whole essay with your own conclusion paragraph.
Introduction paragraph: The story of Kennewick Man illustrates how scientists often change their hypotheses as they learn more information. Shortly after Kennewick Man was discovered, scientists thought the skeleton was just a couple hundred years old. Soon, however, they realized the skeleton was much older. Eventually, as scientists pieced together the Kennewick Man puzzle, new ideas developed about how people first inhabited North America.

paragraph 2 main idea: One of the early hypotheses about Kennewick Man was that he was an American settler from the 1800s.

paragraph 3 main idea: As scientists continued studying Kennewick Man, they formed a hypothesis that he was far more ancient than they originally believed.

paragraph 4 main idea: The investigations into Kennewick Man have led some scientists to change their ideas about how humans first came to North America.

Finally, don't forget to write your own conlcusion paragraph.
Remember to include paragraph labels, and underline at least two terms from the Word Wall in each paragraph. Here are some of the terms that you might use: scientific inquiry, scientific method, investigation, experiment, hypothesis, data analysis, conclusion, and procedure.

Write your essay and bring it to class on Friday.

Here's a picture of the bubble map created in one of the classes.

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