Monday, November 26, 2012

Extra credit & baby pictures

First, there is an extra credit opportunity for this week. Find some science related news story using a major news website and then answer the following questions about the story.
1. Who is the story mostly about?
2. What did that person do to get him or her in the news?
3. When was this done?
4. Where was this done?
5. Why is this important?
6. How did the person do whatever the person did?

The better your answers are to those questions, the more points you will earn. Each question is worth up to 15 points. Write your answers on a sheet of paper and bring the paper to class on Friday, Nov. 30.

Here are some links to website that you might use for this assignment.

Finally, since so many students have asked to see baby pictures, I'm including some info on my newborn son.

His name is Hudson Taylor Sabin. All of my kids are named after Christian missionaries, and I've written a little essay about each one's name. So, if you're interested, you can read about their names at these links:

Charlotte Moon, Mary Mitchell, and Hudson Taylor.

And here are some pictures.

This is Mary holding Hudson and Charlotte holding a small toy someone gave Hudson. You can only see part of Hudson's face, but you can see his sisters love him.

Hudson Taylor

Mary holding Hudson again.

I took this picture while I was holding Hudson.

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